Trees Used in Unconventional Ways

Most of us probably think about trees as more of a decoration; a part of the landscape that we don’t have much to do with. We know they provide us with wood for countless purposes, and likely many of us were incredibly fond of tree houses as kids, whether we managed to build one or not. But recently people have been finding new ways to incorporate trees in our lives. Trees work kind of like active air filters for us, providing us with oxygen. Without trees, human life on earth would be barely sustainable. So I say the more trees the merrier!

People have been using trees as gifts to give their loved ones for special occasions, birthdays, weddings, etc. Imagine you get a new house with an empty yard, and one of your friends gives you a small grove of trees to plant in your yard as a gift. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? With tree gifts you’re not only doing something thoughtful for a friend, you’re contributing to a healthy environment and the earth’s well-being.

Another thing that people have been doing for a while now is burial trees. Most people who pass away have a specific way they want to be commemorated; through burial, cremation, etc. Now you have the opportunity to give back to the earth through burial trees. The way it works is they take your ashes and combine them with tree seeds to plant a new tree or small grove of trees. Many people find this a spiritual or deep way to connect with the earth in passing.

We use wood for making all kinds of things; from tables and furniture to paper and books. With all the trees that are being cut down every day (whether it’s due to need, sickness, or simple inconvenience) we need to think about replenishing the earth’s population of trees to keep the planet a friendly environment for human life.

Trees have been around for ages, and planting new trees will always be a great way to give back to the earth for all it’s given us. Think about getting your friends that tree gift. They may really like it!

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